Ostog "Fly-Bane" Runewind

A grizzled ex-salior touched by the storm gods.


Str: 17
Dex: 11 -1
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 17
Cha: 14


Versatile Channeler
Channel Smite
Selective Channel

Scribe Scroll

Lvl 4 Cleric
27- 3nl
BAB: 3+3
Fort : 4Base + 1Con
Ref : 1Base 0
Will : 4Base + 3Wis


Acrobatics 2
Knowledge (Local) 2 rank +1int
Knowledge (Nature) 2 rank +1int
Knowledge (History) 2 rank +1int +3 class skill
Perception 2 rank +3wis
Profession (Sailor) 4 rank +3wis +3 class skill
Swim 2 rank +3str

AC: 10+4+2
MW Armoured Cloak
Heavy Wooden Shield
4xShort Spear
Combat Net
“Spell Book” for runes
19 Arrows

0th: Create Water, Light, Mending, Read Magic
1th-3p/d: Decompose Corpse x2, Shield of Faith – Domain: Erase
2th-2p/d: Dead Eyes Arrow x2 – Domain: Fog Cloud

Owns the Sea Eel
Compass that doesn’t point North


A sailor by trade since his early years, Ostog is a tall, weathered looking Nord with a solid face, lazy stubble and shoulder length blonde hair in viking braids. He has one pale blue eye, his other being scorched by storm lighting during a hazards voyage. His eye has been left cataract but swirls subtly with the pattern of clouds when invoking the diving powers gifted to him by the freak accident.

Ostog "Fly-Bane" Runewind

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